Air conditioning systems in London - get the best from yours with planned maintenance

Air conditioning systems are something we’ve come to take for granted. We expect the offices we work in and shops and hospitals and public buildings we visit to be at a comfortable temperature and are somewhat surprised when they’re stifling in summer or freezing in winter. For a constant temperature to be maintained though the air conditioning systems have to be in good working order – and the best way to achieve that is through a carefully prepared schedule of planned preventative maintenance.

Here at DMG Delta we offer comprehensive packages for maintaining all types of air conditioning systems.  All of our engineers are fully qualified to the highest standards and registered with F Gas. It goes without saying too that our work is carried out within the latest safety guidelines and legal requirements.

Working with us is smooth and hassle-free too. First call us to discuss your systems and requirements. The next step is a site visit. We’ll call by and have a good look at what you have and talk through any existing maintenance schedule that’s in place. After that we’ll draw up a proposed maintenance schedule based on our experience of getting the best out of air conditioning systems. Once everyone is happy we can them implement the maintenance schedule too. No fuss, just efficient air conditioning service and smooth-running systems.

So often the first call we have from a potential customer is when their air conditioning systems have broken down. Of course repairs can be done everything can be got up and running again. But we believe it’s so much better to prevent problems occurring in the first place with carefully planned and regular maintenance. Breakdowns are expensive and often cause stress and bad feeling so really are best avoided.

At DMG Delta we’re not only experts in Air Conditioning systems. Our team looks after Boiler plant and Heating System Maintenance, Electrical Services, Plumbing and Sanitation and Water Treatment and Hygiene services too.

To find out how we could work with you and your company call us on 01279 810100 or Contact us through the website.