We have been awarded Silver!!

We have been awarded Silver!!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a silver accreditation by Investors in People (IIP)!


So what does ‘Silver’ mean?
Silver is a fantastic achievement and something only 20% of the organisations assessed achieve.
It means that the right principles are in place but more than that, it means people and leaders within our organisation are making active efforts to make sure that there’s real consistency and everyone in the company is feeling the effects.
This is a HUGE achievement for us. Well done to the whole team! We are so proud of what we’ve achieved!

We’d like to congratulate you! Silver accreditation on ‘We Invest in People’ is a remarkable effort for any organisation. Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People


We have been awarded Silver!!


COVID-19 Statement 05.11.2020

COVID-19 Statement 05.11.2020Dear Clients, Residents and Suppliers,

We are pleased to advise you that we are fully prepared for the lockdown which is now in effect.

The necessary moves have been taken to arrange for employees to work from home where possible, however the office will remain manned and you should not experience any change in your level of service from us, this includes all Emergency Out of Hours services.

As always, our Health and Safety requirements have been carefully planned and rehearsed, and we believe we are well placed to keep things going in what is the “new normal” for us all.

Our mobile engineers are following government, NHS and Public Health England guidelines. This includes taking additional precautions such as wearing masks, hand washing before, during and after site visits, and maintaining a safe distance at all times.

Our normal working hours have not been affected.

We extend our best wishes to you and your families during these uncertain times.

Kind regards,

DMG Delta



COVID 19: Working safer, together!

Since June, we’ve been taking all necessary precautions to ensure our team returns to a sensible and safe working environment. Most employees have now returned to the office and our mobile engineers are back on the road.

In line with the Government’s Safer Working Guidelines, we’ve introduced essential protocols to ensure we can work safer, together:

  • Regular deep sanitation of workspace and utensils
  • Conducted risk assessments for engineers and office staff
  • Steps have been taken to ensure a minimum 2-metre distance is maintained in the workplace
  • Handwashing and hygiene procedures have been implemented


Recognising the hazards

We understand that COVID-19 spreads easily from person to person, and that risk of infection is greater when in close proximity to someone with the virus.

We recognise that the virus can remain on surfaces and fabrics for multiple hours and can be spread through shared surface contact.

Understanding who’s at risk

We understand that office staff and engineers might be at risk when working in close proximity in the workplace, or during site visits.

Some of our team use public transport to travel to work and might find themselves in enclosed spaces where maintaining a 2-metre distance isn’t possible.

We understand that any person showing symptoms of the virus, no matter how mild, must self-isolate with the rest of their household for at least 7 days.

Working safer, together

We’ve introduced protocols in line with the UK Government’s Safer Working Guidelines to manage the risk of COVID-19. We will review these protocols as risk levels change, in line with Government and Public Health England guidance.

We have procedures in place to ensure that anyone showing symptoms, or living with someone showing symptoms, can isolate safely at home for a minimum of 7 days. Where appropriate, we will notify employees that may have come into proximity of the person showing symptoms.

We’ve provided training to ensure our team understand the importance of the protocols introduced, including social distancing requirements and good hygiene practices.

We’ve provided staff with PPE, including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser for personal use in and outside of the workplace.

COVID-19: Update

Covid 19 has had a significant impact on everyone, and set to be this way for some time. At DMG Delta Ltd we have adjusted how we work to ensure as far as possible we can still provide the high level of service we always have given our clients over the years, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and clients at all times via social distancing or specific procedures that are both practicable and suitable.

Within guidelines we are still providing maintenance and a call out service to ensure crucial services are still maintained and functioning safely.

Working hours have not been affected and our office number, direct dials and e-mails remain in operation.

We have introduced at our head office a working from home policy where we can, but also retain staff in the office environment to manage and control on a daily basis.

We’ll continue to closely monitor the situation and follow government guidelines.

We wish you well during these unprecedented times and will continue to provide a high level of service to clients. 

View our risk assessment for office staff

View our risk assessment for engineers

Thank you

DMG Delta Ltd

Temporary Emergency Access to Occupied Residential Apartment Procedure for Contracted Sites Only, During the COVID 19 Situation

All are fully aware of the unprecedented situation we now find ourselves in which is changing daily. That said there will still be an expectation and need for DMG Delta Ltd to attend individual apartments due to loss of service, significant faults or leaks.

We have looked at all advice and guidelines that will allow us to provide this level of emergency service for our Contracted Clients, which will provide reassurance with all the additional control measures that are both reasonable and practicable to protect our engineers and residents in these difficult times.

The additional control measures must be adopted by all involved to include the occupants of the apartment, without this later cooperation from the occupant we cannot enter regardless of the nature of the call out.

The steps for the Managing Agent to adopt in order to generate a call out in these circumstances and be aware of:

  1. We will only attend contracted clients and sites.
  2. A call from the managing agent or building owner will be a requirement which must be followed by an e-mailed instruction.
  3. No attendance will be made without an e-mailed instruction from the managing agent or building owner confirming we are to attend.
  4. Should your systems require an issued PO this must be received prior to attendance.
  5. We are unable to confirm whether the attending personnel are not contagious.
  6. We will not accept a request to attend direct from a tenant, only via the Managing Agent.

Due to the heightened control measures required, onetime use PPE and associated time involved we have no option but to have a set fee for working hour call outs, and unfortunately slightly increase Out of Hours call outs. All contracted clients will have received an email with further details of the amended charges.

The procedure steps below will be adopted by our office team and engineers, please note steps in bold which must be in place via the Managing Agent and apartment occupants.

Step 1:
On receipt of the call out the office or On Call Manager needs to ascertain if the apartment is occupied and in self-isolation for precautionary or symptom-based reasons.
If yes caller/client to be advised that we can attend subject to the following requirements:

  1. On arrival, the occupants must all move to a room that can be closed off to ensure social distancing prior to the engineer fully entering the apartment and remain there until such time as the emergency is rectified, or made safe for further works. An approximate ETA to be provided and engineers name. Contact number for occupant to be taken.

Step 2:
Office to raise job in normal way, provide full information to the attending engineer and confirm engineer has with him required PPE and note on job as:

  1. Has disposable gloves.
  2. Has disposable overalls.
  3. Has clean down wipes and sanitiser/soap.
  4. Note-social distancing removes need for face mask.

For OOH call outs, all above less raising of job on SV.

Step 3:
Once on-site engineer to contact occupant on number provided and advise he/she is on site. Request confirmation of fault symptoms for clarity and diagnosis over phone. Advise occupant to open front door and move to a room away from work area for everyone’s safe social distancing as per guidelines.

Step 4:
Engineer to don PPE prior to apartment entry.
Assess all steps required of occupant have been undertaken as detailed prior to full entry. Should this not be the case the attending engineer is to politely refuse to access the apartment and inform the office or On Call Manager immediately.

Step 5:
Subject to Step 4, undertake works whilst in required PPE to completion in the normal way. Any discussion with the occupant to inform of actions to be via mobile or through closed door. Complete PDA report external to the apartment. Contact office or On Call Manager on completion and dispose of PPE as required.

Kind regards

DMG Delta Ltd