Avoid burst pipes with planned preventative maintenance

We’re hearing a lot about flooding at the moment. Torrential rain has led to hundreds and hundreds of people having their lives turned upside down by water cascading through their homes. Clearly in this instance the cause is beyond just about anyone’s control, but what if the circumstances were different and the flooding had been caused by a burst pipe?

This is the time of year when burst pipes really start to become troublesome. And of course after a cold spell finding a plumber is just about impossible because you won’t be the only one with the same problem (although all of our DMG Delta contracted clients have access to our qualified plumbers and engineers twenty four hours a day seven days a week of course).

Like so many things though the best way to avoid burst pipes being a problem it to keep them and the systems they’re attached to well maintained. Here at DMG Delta we specialise in planned preventative maintenance for large boiler systems and plant rooms in residential blocks, office blocks and schools. And one of the things we would check for when examining your system would be the frost-resistance of the pipework. In some cases external pipework is unavoidable, but is it correctly lagged?  Is the flow through it regular? Is the system likely to be on when the weather is at its coldest? (Many schools run into trouble over Christmas for example when there’s less demand for heat and hot water.)

Planned preventative maintenance is the key to keeping everything running smoothly. It’s also the most efficient way of maintaining your system as faults are detected early so can be repaired before they become serious. We carefully tailor all our maintenance programmes to both the systems and the demands placed on them to ensure you have the most efficient service possible for you.

It goes without saying too that all of our engineers are fully qualified and registered with the relevant trade bodies to ensure they have the most up to date information and training.

So to find out more about how planned preventative maintenance could benefit you, your systems and your company call us on 01279 810100 or Contact us through the website.