treatmentDMG Delta’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) ensures our customers get the most from their assets. It can prolong the life of your building infrastructure, boiler and equipment, and can prevent the need for expensive remedial engineering.

When a building’s services are running efficiently, our customers make additional savings in electricity and fuel costs. For apartment buildings, passing those savings on to occupants can also enhance your resident relations. DMG Delta offers tailored services so you can select what you need. And when plant comes to the end of its life, we can help with design and installation.

Whatever you need, we offer the complete solution:


Our gas engineers have met the lengthy competency assessments required to work on gas and are individually detailed on the Gas Safe Register (formerly the Corgi Register).

DMG Delta engineers have the required competencies for each of these disciplines:
• Domestic
• Commercial
• Laundry
• Catering


The drive towards greener energy sources and sustainability has seen a rise in the use of biomass boilers, certainly using wood chip pellets as the primary fuel source.
Generally biomass boiler installations are used to supplement traditional gas or oil fired boilers. On occasion the opposite is true, with bomass boilers used as the lead heat source supplemented by the traditional systems.

An understanding of the operational and maintenance aspects of these boilers are essential for their continued reliable operation. This covers combustion, pellet delivery, safe storage accounting for carbon monoxide build up, flue and ventilation needs.

Our engineers have both the experience and importantly the manufacturer product training on biomass boilers and systems built up over a number of years.

This combined with our extensive knowledge of traditional gas or oil fired heating plant gives us a unique ability to understand and maintain what can be a complex system with each aspect reliant upon the other. Something that those who are unfamiliar with such interaction often struggle with.

  • Our service includes:
  • Pellet storage, hopper and conveyor inspections
  • Buffer vessel and associated pumps and equipment inspections
  • Fire box inspections
  • Combustion inspections and analysis
  • Control system inspections
  • Flue system cleaning and inspections
  • System Water Quality Analysis
  • Operational checks outside of scheduled service routines

District Heating Systems & Heat Interface Units (HIUs)

The new build residential sector over recent years has seen the predominance in the design and use of an Energy Centre (Central Plant Room) supplying a heat source via a district distribution system to individual apartment HIUs.

This is seen to be able to provide individual apartments with a fully controllable heating and hot water system that each resident can set to meet their own heating or hot water needs. In most instances, it also caters for heat metering, enabling more targeted billing by the Landlord or Agent.

Whilst in principle the design and concept is simple, there are still very important service and maintenance requirements, which can often lead to significant problems if not built into a common maintenance strategy.

Further issues, certainly in the residential sector, involve understanding the point at which the Landlords’ responsibility ends, i.e. provision of a heated water source to the common side of the HIU, and where within the tenancy agreement the users responsibility commences. This can often lead to conflict if the Agent or Landlord is unaware of how the system works.

Over a number of years we have built up an extensive knowledge and understanding of these systems, and also invested in manufacturer training enabling our engineers to fully understand the operation and maintenance of these systems.

  • Our service includes:
  • Assistance in understanding system design and areas of Landlord responsibility
  • Energy Centre (Central Plant Maintenance)
  • Essential Water Quality Management and Analysi.
  • Flow and pressure check.
  • Primary (HIU) filter and strainer checks
  • Control valve checks
  • Control system checks.
  • Pipe work and system checks
  • Pump checks.
  • Functional checks

Over the years you get to know who your friends are, those that will never let you down and stick with it until the bitter end. DMG Delta is one of these firms. We are consistently surprised by the “can do” attitude that helps us exceed our clients’ expectations. Our residents committees can be a challenge to the most hardened of property managers. DMG have in recent times helped us improve communication between us and the committees in a way that is a true benefit for all concerned
Michael Yun, Trust Plc