Air conditioning systems in London - get the best from yours with planned maintenance

Air conditioning systems are something we’ve come to take for granted. We expect the offices we work in and shops and hospitals and public buildings we visit to be at a comfortable temperature and are somewhat surprised when they’re stifling in summer or freezing in winter. For a constant temperature to be maintained though the air conditioning systems have to be in good working order – and the best way to achieve that is through a carefully prepared schedule of planned preventative maintenance.


Legionnaires disease: prevention through effective legionella control

Legionnaires’ disease is back in the news again – and for all the wrong reasons unfortunately. A man in his 50s has died and at least 60 others are being treated after apparently contracting the disease in or around Edinburgh.

Perhaps this latest outbreak should serve as a timely reminder to check your systems for legionella control are in place and up to date. And that’s where – if you’re in or around London – DMG Delta can help….


Efficient air conditioning - get the best from your system with regular maintenance

It’s hot hot hot outside which is lovely – unless you’re having to work in an office without air conditioning. Or, having said that, an office with air conditioning that doesn’t work particularly well or efficiently.

So many times at DMG Delta we’ve heard new clients say that their air conditioning works well until it’s hot. There’s only one response to that and that’s that if it doesn’t effectively cool the office when it’s hot then it’s not working.


Choosing the right company to maintain your commercial air conditioning system

Here’s the scenario. You’ve taken on a new job and high up there on your To Do list is choosing a company to maintain the air conditioning system you’re now in charge of. They need to be reliable, experienced, expert at what they do and good value for money. But how do you know who’s good and who’s not? After all there is so much more to air conditioning than just a cool office.


Spring maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are something we think about most in summer, for obvious reasons. But in fact Spring is the perfect time to kick-start your air conditioning maintenance programme and ensure everything is working well and efficiently. Once the days really start to warm up, it’s often too late and problems which could have been avoided through planned preventative maintenance can quickly spiral out of control.


Points of interest at Olympic Park and Village

environmental-managementWe’re taking a keen interest in the development of the Olympic Park in East London, home to next year’s Games. It’s a ground-breaking project and sees the construction and building maintenance of both the Park and Olympic Village which houses the athletes.

Areas particularly sparking our interest:  

  • The Energy Centre – London 2012 quite rightly has a strong focus on sustainability, and the energy centre will support it’s commitment to using renewable and energy-efficient technology. With 2.5 square kilometres of venues to heat and cool, this is a significant undertaking. 
  • The Velodrome – the heart of the Park, and the first to be completed, will see cyclists competing for gold next year. With 6,000 spectator seats available, it’s essential that the facilities management of this complex run smoothly. 
  • The Pumping Station – as part of the development, a pumping station has been built for plumbing and sanitation facilities to remove waste from the Park and Olympic Village. This is a critical part of the complex and needs to be reliable and maintained.
  • The Primary Substation – this is the ‘backbone’ for the development and provides the gas, water, telecommunications, water and sewage for the whole complex. Without it, the Games simply couldn’t take place.