Keeping residents warm this winter


With colder weather setting in and the chance of freezing temperatures this winter, one thing every Managing Agent needs to get right is heating. The demand on boiler plant and district heating rises as outside temperatures drop. Small faults can become big problems and older plant can struggle to cope. Yet residents in apartment blocks need reliable heating and hot water. So how can expectations be achieved?

The most important step is to put in place a regular maintenance schedule, tailored to the building. This planned maintenance helps prevent problems arising and prolong the life of assets such as boiler plant. By identifying and resolving issues before they happen, fewer call-outs are required which in turn cuts down costs, reducing residents’ bills.

Much of the older blocks have their original distribution systems. These are infrastructure items that need careful monitoring but are often forgotten.

Companies like DMG Delta, which specialise in block maintenance, work 24/7 to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to winter heating. When problems are identified the company’s engineers are fully qualified and equipped to fix them first time in the majority of cases. This saves Managing Agents the time, hassle and cost of second and third visits.

As well as ensuring effective heating, buildings must comply with increasingly complex regulations. It’s critical that sites are serviced by fully compliant gas engineers, authorised to complete the necessary checks and issue the all important paperwork that shows that Managing Agents have met their legal obligations. With this kind of back-up, you have the reassurance that your engineers will know the latest rules, no matter how often they change. Engineers at DMG Delta are qualified to provide this service. Employees, quality and health & safety are fundamental so that the service residents and Managing Agents experience is what they’d expect and more.

Whilst technical excellence is a vital aspect of a high-performing maintenance service, of equal importance is the provision of a friendly help desk. Does your help desk really know you and your building and provide a maintenance service that exactly matches your needs?

Even with the best preventative work, problems can arise with heating and boiler plant. We advocate that 24 hour emergency support is a feature of all maintenance contracts. For our clients, an engineer is generally on site within a 2-hour time frame. This is a rapid response because when it comes to heating, we believe Managing Agents and their residents shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer. But not every maintenance company can react as quickly. So check your maintenance company’s approach and key performance indicators to see if they can get close to matching up.

DMG Delta attends the Energy Solutions Show

DMG Delta attends the Energy Solutions ShowWe’ve just returned from attending the Energy Solutions Show at Olympia. Supported by the British Institute of Facilities Management, of which DMG Delta is a member.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the latest products and technologies for improving the energy efficiency of organisations. Running parallel to this show was the M&E Building Services Event. Here we heard from top speakers about new building legislation and regulatory changes.

It provided a useful reminder of the recent consolidation of building regulations, with clarification on requirements that have been in contention such as the question: When is work on a flat roof a repair and when is it a renovation requiring Part L permission?  The simplest answer is to ask us! The continuing drive for zero-carbon buildings was also put into focus with the challenge for non-domestic buildings being achieving the optimum balance between reducing heating, cooling and electric lighting demand.

As maintenance specialists, it was good to confirm the latest developments in energy management. From retrofitting boiler load optimisation devices to energy saving light bulbs and occupancy sensors, what impressed us with this 2011 show is how practical these options have become. (more…)

Points of interest at Olympic Park and Village

environmental-managementWe’re taking a keen interest in the development of the Olympic Park in East London, home to next year’s Games. It’s a ground-breaking project and sees the construction and building maintenance of both the Park and Olympic Village which houses the athletes.

Areas particularly sparking our interest:  

  • The Energy Centre – London 2012 quite rightly has a strong focus on sustainability, and the energy centre will support it’s commitment to using renewable and energy-efficient technology. With 2.5 square kilometres of venues to heat and cool, this is a significant undertaking. 
  • The Velodrome – the heart of the Park, and the first to be completed, will see cyclists competing for gold next year. With 6,000 spectator seats available, it’s essential that the facilities management of this complex run smoothly. 
  • The Pumping Station – as part of the development, a pumping station has been built for plumbing and sanitation facilities to remove waste from the Park and Olympic Village. This is a critical part of the complex and needs to be reliable and maintained.
  • The Primary Substation – this is the ‘backbone’ for the development and provides the gas, water, telecommunications, water and sewage for the whole complex. Without it, the Games simply couldn’t take place.

Sustainable solutions at the forefront for ISH

DMG Delta is pleased to annouce the successful installation project of LED Lighting at International Students House (ISH) located in central London. Working in close conjunction with ISH and Newey & Eyre Specialist Lamps, DMG have been able to help improve lighting levels, significantly reduce carbon emissions and provide cost savings. This project shows our ongoing commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency whilst delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

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DMG attend Westminster sustainability conference

DMG Delta recently attended the inaugural Westminster Wednesday titled “Stimulating Sustainability”, sponsored by powerPerfector. The conference was held at The Lord Mayor’s Reception Rooms, Westminster City Hall, and organised by The Westminster Business Council.


DMG attend the Facilities Show

DMG attend the Facilities Show

DMG Delta recently attended the Facilities Show, held at the NEC in Birmingham, as part of our commitment to offering customers high quality facilities management services. The event included a wide range of different suppliers, as well as discussion forums and presentations on topics such as energy management and sustainability, two areas that we are actively committed to. We ensure that we keep up to date with any trends in the market place whilst looking to pass on relevant information and the subsequent benefits to our client base.