Choosing the right company to maintain your commercial air conditioning system

Here’s the scenario. You’ve taken on a new job and high up there on your To Do list is choosing a company to maintain the air conditioning system you’re now in charge of. They need to be reliable, experienced, expert at what they do and good value for money. But how do you know who’s good and who’s not? After all there is so much more to air conditioning than just a cool office.

I could just end here by saying come to us at DMG Delta and we’ll take care of everything for you. And that would be an excellent solution to your problem, but it wouldn’t really explain why you should choose us would it?

Looking after a commercial air conditioning system is a big responsibility – and the best thing you can do is to prevent things going wrong in the first place with a high quality programme of scheduled maintenance. At DMG Delta we’re hugely experienced at designing and implementing planned preventative maintenance programmes. We listen to our clients and then create a programme perfectly tailored to their needs, so preventing problems and minimising system downtime.

A good working relationship with your air conditioning maintenance company is essential so think carefully about the size of the companies you’re considering. They should be big enough to have all the resources and expertise you need but no so big that you won’t get the personal service you want. At DMG we know all our clients inside out. We’ve worked with a number for many years so have a complete understanding of everything they do (we also specialise in Heating and Boiler Plants, Water treatment and Hygiene, Electrical Services and Plumbing and Sanitation).

Check too the companies you’re considering really do have experience with systems like yours. There are plenty out there who can talk the talk but not walk the walk as it were. We have been working with all different types of air conditioning systems for years and our engineers are all fully qualified. If you’re uncertain about what you have or what you need give us a call on 01279 810100 and we’ll talk it all through.

Something else to think about is the various guidelines and regulations that cover commercial air conditioning systems. We are fully up to speed with them and will always ensure any systems we work on are fully compliant – that way you don’t have to. And it goes without saying that we have the full F-Gas certification that is now essential for anyone working on air conditioning.

At DMG Delta we really are what and who we say we are. That’s to say we really are the experts when it comes to looking after commercial air conditioning systems. Contact us today so see how we could work with you.