Commercial boiler systems - what to do when yours breaks down

It may seem odd to be thinking about your boiler system breaking down when it’s as warm outside as it has been recently, but look into it a bit more and it won’t seem quite so strange.

Commercial boiler systems do so much more than just  heating a building. Switch off the boiler and the hot water starts to run cold very quickly. Therefore knowing what to do when yours – or one you are in charge of – breaks down is essential.

Commercial boiler systems - what to do when yours breaks down

Commercial boilers are finely balance systems and need regular maintenance.

The first thing to say is that with proper planned preventative maintenance commercial boiler systems really shouldn’t break down. At DMG Delta we specialise in Heating and Boiler plant maintenance, scheduling work with a view to keeping the boiler plant running at all times. In fact it’s the summer months when we do the majority of our work on boilers because it’s then that the demand on them is less.

For our contracted clients though if disaster does strike and the boiler refuses to do its bit towards keeping your residents happy we’re always here to help. Through our Emergency Call Out System we will have one of our fully qualified engineers with you fast with the aim of getting things up and running again as soon as possible.

DMG Delta has worked on many large commercial buildings, residential building and schools over the years and has experience in both oil and gas-fired boilers. Have a look here for details of one of our projects.

It goes without saying that all of our work is HVCA approved and we’re fully certified by Gas Safe and Oftec. Our commercial gas engineers are trained in both commercial and domestic gas engineering too, so they can maintain business and residential premises.

To talk to us about how DMG Delta can maintain and prevent breakdowns in your commercial boiler system call 01279 810100 or Contact us through the website.