Commercial plumbing systems - maintenance to improve water conservation

It may seem odd to be talking about conserving water when all it seems to do is rain but actually it’s a hot topic among plumbing professionals. We’ve noticed that our London clients here at DMG Delta are putting more and more pressure on the likes of us who maintain commercial plumbing systems to make them more efficient.

Commercial plumbing systems aren’t always given the maintenance they deserve. For some reason they’re the poor relation when it comes to building services. Maybe it’s that the end user wouldn’t necessarily notice a problem until it became very advanced. Who knows, but it’s certainly worth investing a little now to save a lot later.

At DMG Delta we are the experts in commercial plumbing services and maintenance (as well as Air Conditioning, Water Treatment and Hygiene, Gas Boiler and Boiler Plant Maintenance and Electrical Services). We have clients all over London where perhaps the need to conserve water is most acute.

Clearly the simplest way to conserve water in your commercial plumbing systems is to establish a regular maintenance and inspection programme to promptly detect and repair leaks. It sounds simple, but you wouldn’t believe how often it doesn’t happen – sometimes with dire consequences. A small drip can fast become a big problem.

At DMG Delta we work with our clients to give them the service they really need. Regular preventative maintenance ultimately not only saves water but money too as it reduces pressure on the systems and therefore the chances of a costly failure.

Often commercial plumbing systems have been in place for many, many years so there comes a time when it’s prudent to review the entire system. For our existing clients we can do this. We know you and your needs well so will design and even install a new system should we all feel there would be significant benefits for you.

All our engineers are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards. It goes without saying too that they work within all the relevant HSE guidelines and keep abreast of current developments to ensure best practice.

As with everything at DMG Delta though good maintenance starts with a phone call or email asking if we can help you. So don’t waste time (and water!) – get in touch today to talk through your company’s needs and arrange a site visit. Contact us or call us on 01279 810100.