DMG Delta believes in sensible Health and Safety

DMG Delta firmly believes in sensible Health and Safety which is practical, efficient and most importantly protects everyone who comes into our working areas. Whether they are employees or members of the public.

All too often Health and Safety bends over backwards to tie the work into knots and everyone wonders if the world has gone mad. DMG Delta’s risk assessment process has now moved forward to ensure that all risks are correctly controlled without the knots.

H&S Clipart

All sites are reviewed by the Business Development team with advice where necessary from our SHEQ Manager before a contract is signed off. This allows for suitable risk assessments (RA) to be in place before work commences.

As much as each site is different, the basic nature of a plant room and its equipment remain the same, and the risks associated with this are covered using Generic RA’s. These are carried by all of our Engineers in their Engineers Manual, along with a separate easy guide pictorial A5 card providing the same information. Where a site has specific risks that are not covered by the set of generic RA’s, a site specific RA is raised and distributed for the Log Book within the plant room. This ensures that the Engineers have easy access to the information as and when required.

HazardsEach Engineer then takes responsibility for the final part of this process. When the Engineer first enters the site, he confirms that the risks and its equipment are suitably covered by the existing RA’s. Where there are additional risks that are not properly controlled then he raises a Dynamic RA, with any additional controls that can be put in place. Where this is not possible the Engineer contacts our Technical Support Team, and our SHEQ Manager for further advice.

Although there are a fair few stages to this process, it is simple, easy to implement and gives the Engineer the final responsibility to ensure the site is safe, and to assist in making it safe!

If you would like a copy of the procedure and appropriate risk assessments for your property please call Jane on 01279 810125 or email with your full details, including properties. We can then provide you with a soft copy for your records.