DMG Delta's Approved Contractor Process

As you know here at DMG Delta we are always striving to give you the best possible service we can. And that means constantly looking at and evaluating how we do things. One of the areas of our business that we have been looking to improved is our Approved Contractor Process.

For us – and you our clients – the Approved Contractor Process is a key part of how we work. It’s another way of us being able to ensure we deliver high quality, innovative service solutions across a broad base of specialisms.

We have always worked closely with all our Approved Contractors to ensure they think and work like us, but now after a series of reviews we’ve decided to formalise the process.

We’ve been working with many of our approved contractors for many years and already have excellent working relationships. Now though we want to meet them even more frequently to build better links and keep them up to date with changes our end. We’ve also found this is a great way of further improving quality as it allows good ideas to be shared and implemented even more quickly and to introduce further measures to monitor performance.

All of our work at DMG Delta – be it plumbing, electrical work, water treatment etc – is carried out to be fully compliant with all the relevant guildlines and best practice documents. High on this list of course is Health and Safety and we make sure we’re always up to date with what’s expected. And the same applies of course to our Approved Contractors.  We carefully manages the processes to ensure they meet stringent health and safety criteria. As you can imagine this particuarly important area forms a large part of the discussion at review meetings.

So as you can see we take our Approved Contractor Process very seriously. Anyone working with DMG Delta has to meet the DMG Delta standards – and we don’t shy away from the fact our expectations are high.

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