Summer maintenance schedules for commercial and residential boilers

It may not seem like it from the weather outside but summer is coming, so it’s the perfect time to think about a summer maintenance schedule for the commercial or residential boilers in your care.

Obviously summer is a time when pressure is off the boiler plant a little. The heating is off (although the chances are there will still be a need for hot water so things will have to be done carefully). What better time could there be for your planned maintenance to swing into action?


Summer maintenance schedules for commercial and residential boilers

Summer boiler maintenance will ensure your system's running smoothly for when it's needed most.


At DMG Delta maintenance of commercial and residential boilers is one of our core services. We take responsibility for planning what needs to be done and then carrying out the maintenance  in a way that minimises system downtime and ensures everything is in perfect working order when you need it to be. Different systems require different types and amounts of work of course but our fully qualified, gas safe registered engineers are experts in them all and will work to a carefully prepared schedule.

Planned summer maintenance can save money too as it’s often more expensive to put right something that has gone wrong than it is to prevent the problem in the first place. The old adage that prevention is better than cure certainly applies here. On top of that there’s the added bonus that the boiler system shouldn’t fail in the cold winter months when the demands on it are greatest. (Having said that don’t forget that our contracted customers benefit from having 24/7 emergency cover and we have a proven track record of quick response times to emergencies.)

If you’re in charge of a residential or commercial boiler plant you’ll be aware too that certain checks need to be carried out to ensure it complies with the law. These can be tricky to track, especially as regulations can change frequently. We’re happy to take responsibility for this – and build it into your maintenance schedule. Another weight off your mind hey?

At DMG Delta we take great pride in offering you a professional and totally reliable service. We see it as our mission to relieve the pressure on you, not add to it. In fact we’re proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for many years, asking us to look after more and more of their building’s requirements as time has passed.  After all we are specialists in Air Conditioning, Water Treatment, Plumbing and Sanitation and Electrical services as well as Heating and Boiler plant maintenance.