Effective maintenance schedules for shared gas boilers in a residential development

If you’re in charge of a shared gas boiler in a residential block or even a gas boiler for a school you’ll know how important it is to keep it running smoothly and minimise downtime.  I’m quite sure too that you won’t need us at DMG Delta to tell you that the best way to achieve that is through an effective maintenance schedule.

For maintenance to be effective it needs to be done carefully – and properly scheduled. To use a car analogy it’s no good changing the tyres when in fact you’re about to grind to a halt because you’ve run out of petrol. And of course you’ll want to top up the tank when it’s not so low you’re in danger of running out yet when you can get a decent amount in too so the trip to the filling station was worth it. It’s all a juggling act – and one that we at DMG Delta are very experienced at handling.

Some parts of gas boilers need lots of care and attention to keep them sweet.  The thermocouples for example need changing fairly frequently as do the probes. Our years of experience maintaining residential boiler systems allow us to know exactly what needs doing when so you won’t have to have unnecessary work done, yet problems will be avoided.

Gas is also something that needs to be handled with care of course.  All the work we do is completed by Building and Engineering Services Association (formerly HVCA) approved engineers and is in line with quality standards as well as Health & Safety statutes. We’re also certified by the Gas Safety Register .

There’s another benefit too to putting in place effective maintenance schedule – it can reduce fuel bills. By making sure your boilers are running efficiently and adjusting controls accordingly they will use less fuel. This may not benefit you directly of course, but it will certainly earn you some brownie points!

Put your boiler maintenance schedule with DMG Delta and you will benefit from a carefully tailed programme of planned preventative maintenance. Call us today on 01279 810100 or Contact Us through the website.