Efficient air conditioning - get the best from your system with regular maintenance

It’s hot hot hot outside which is lovely – unless you’re having to work in an office without air conditioning. Or, having said that, an office with air conditioning that doesn’t work particularly well or efficiently.

So many times at DMG Delta we’ve heard new clients say that their air conditioning works well until it’s hot. There’s only one response to that and that’s that if it doesn’t effectively cool the office when it’s hot then it’s not working.

DMG Delta are experts in air conditioning and air conditioning maintenance (along with Heating and Boiler Plant Maintenance, Electrical Services, Plumbing and Sanitation, and Water Treatment and Hygiene) so we understand all the different types of systems inside and out – literally.

Ask us to look after your commercial cooling system and we’ll talk to you in detail about what you have and how it’s performing for you. We will then visit the site to have a good look at what’s there. It’s often at this stage that we can see that things could and should be running more efficiently. It may be that the air conditioning needs servicing or it could be a simple case of tweaking the settings. Either way rest assured we can sort it out through a maintenance schedule designed specifically for the needs of your system and its users.

Servicing and regular maintenance really is the key to ensuring your systems work well. Without regular checks and TLC you can be sure the air conditioning will choose the hottest day of the year (when someone has turned down the temperature and so added stress to the system) to break down. A DMG Delta maintenance programme can prevent these outages by foreseeing and then preventing problems.

And when I said your system could become more efficient with a simple tweak of the settings, I was telling a little white lie because in fact tweaking the settings isn’t always simple. It’s actually a very specialist job that requires detailed knowledge and expertise. Of course all of our engineers have just that knowledge and are highly experienced and fully qualified. All of the work we do meets the HVCA (Building and Engineering Services Association) and Safecontractor guidelines and we are fully F-Gas certified.

To find out more about how we can help you get the best from your air conditioning system, call DMG Delta today on 01279 810100 or Contact us through the website.