Ensure your water treatment system is legal and safe through effective monitoring

Water is essential for life  – or perhaps I should say clean water is essential for a healthy life. Therefore if you’re in charge of any form of water treatment system you will want to know that it’s safe and legal all the time. There are numerous examples of where the testing and monitoring systems that should have been in place to ensure this have gone wrong, with consequences too awful to think about. That’s the doom and gloom scenario though and with an effective monitoring schedule through DMG Delta, not something you will have to worry about.

It’s a fair assumption here in the UK that the water that comes out of our taps is safe to drink. Chances are though that those drinking it won’t have any idea of what has gone into keeping it that way. Here at DMG Delta, Water Treatment and Hygiene is one of our core specialist services. We are the experts in keeping abreast of the regulations and making sure systems maintained by our clients are not only legal and compliant with the relevant guidelines, but safe too. Our existing clients also benefit from 24 hours emergency call out, where we have a qualified engineer on site within 4 hours.

Legionella is a very frightening word if your work with the delivery of safe drinking water. It needn’t be though as if everything is properly monitored, treated and maintained the risk is eliminated. Our engineers are well versed with the requirements of the Health and Safety Commission code of practice to control legionella and will guide you though what is needed to comply – in doing so keeping your water quality high and you end users safe.

Our experts can work with you to draw up a schedule for analysing and testing the drinking water in your care and then use that to decide and even implement the relevant water treatments.

Water treatment and hygiene services are only a small part of what we do. DMG Delta also specialises in Air Conditioning, Heating and Boiler Plant maintenance, Electrical services and Plumbing and Sanitation. For more information about how we can help you call us on 01279 810100 or Contact Us through the website.