Give your residential plumbing system the attention it deserves through scheduled maintenance

A residential block without functioning plumbing facilities is something that doesn’t bear thinking about. Fortunately plumbing problems are entirely preventable with a well designed schedule of planned preventative maintenance.

Scheduling maintenance is not the headache it may seem. At DMG Delta we can do all the work for you (and even carry out the maintenance too!). Keep reading to find out how it works:

Get in touch…  We normally first hear from the person in charge of the plumbing in a residential block when there is a problem. Ideally though you will Contact Us before trouble strikes so we can prevent any problems that may be looming. Once we’ve talked to you in detail about the type of plumbing you have and the expert services we offer we can then arrange a….

Site visit…  Once we’ve had a good look at your system we can start to plan what you will need. We will discuss with you what you already do to keep the systems in tip top condition and then work out a maintenance schedule that is carefully tailored to the needs of your building and its plumbing. It may also be that some aspects of the system would benefit from a little TLC before you embark upon a new planned preventative maintenance programme – but we can advise and take care of that too of course. Once all has been agreed we will…

Carry out your scheduled maintenance… We have a team of fully qualified engineers who will quietly and without fuss work to maintain your system in tip top condition. This way you really shouldn’t have any problems and the dreaded blockages, dry taps, broken pipes and complaints from residents can be avoided.

Consider too though that if an unforeseen problem does arise our contracted customers benefit from emergency 24-hour plumbing services.

We offer tailored plumbing solutions for all sizes of residential and commercial buildings – from blocks of flats or houses with a shared system to large offices and schools. Have a look here for an example of our work.

So to ensure your residential plumbing system is getting the attention it deserves call us at DMG Delta today on 01279 810100.