How we are different

Dedicated Contracts Manager & Project Manager

DMG Delta has a dedicated Contracts Manager with a very strong background in maintenance and engineering. The Contracts Manager works closely within the team to ensure that both existing and new contracts are up to date.

Our dedicated Projects Manager oversees all the projects for our existing clients. A lot of his time is spent out on site managing any projects which we have successfully tendered for. The benefits of having these specialists within our team is that they work closely together and alongside you, to make sure that expectations are reached and deadlines are met.

Senior building service engineers at the end of the phone

As part of improving the way our helpdesk runs we also have the Techdesk. This is made up of two fully qualified engineers, who have both worked within the industry for many years. Having been on the road as active engineers prior to working in the office, they are the perfect people for the job.

DMG Delta is now able to directly assist any client who is in need of advice regarding their existing plant, or they have any questions regarding a recent attendance, our Techdesk is there to offer support and provide you with the information you need.

Training always up to date

DMG Delta is fully committed to ensuring that our engineers’ skills are as up to date as they can be. We put together training plans each year, both for in-house and external training. Our HR Manager ensures that no training expiry dates are missed and that we remain compliant.

Our technical staff, via the regulatory bodies such as Gas Safe, ensure that they stay fully up to date with developing training requirements, and that our engineers meet these standards. We are constantly looking at newly developing technology; most recently we invested in training in HIU district heating systems.

Free consultation services

As part of our service delivery we provide free consultations to our valued customers. We advise and offer recommendations for the long term benefit of the property. If a new enquiry is received for plant maintenance or project works, a member of our team will liaise with the client directly and arrange a site visit.

During the site visit full requirements, recommendations and next steps will be discussed. When necessary an engineer will also attend site visits if specialist skills are required.


DMG Delta uses current technology with a proven back-up system to ensure that there is never a significant loss in information.

The technology provided to the customers and engineers has been developed with this work in mind, and we have the ability to improve the system ourselves or to use the developers’ expertise when required. It gives our customers the ability to look at their maintenance programme or planned works online via the internet, giving an accurate view of progress. Jobs can be logged directly within the online portal and we are able to provide reports on demand, enabling the client to analyse the data for patterns and trends.

PDAs are given to all of our engineers. The devices provide them with instant data which is regularly being updated by our Helpdesk. The PDAs allow the engineers to see the allocated jobs they have been given for the working day, all details linked to that job and any additional information which will assist them when attending the property.

Fully manned helpdesk

Our helpdesk is the frontline for our clients. Each member of the team has had the training required to ensure they can help with any situation that may arise on a daily basis.

As part of improving the way our helpdesk runs we have recently created the Techdesk. This is made up of two fully qualified engineers. They have both been working within the industry for many years, and having been on the road as active engineers prior to working in the office they are the perfect men for the job.

Our helpdesk is now not only able to take calls for emergencies and arrange attendances, but if any client is in need of some advice regarding their existing plant or they have any questions regarding a recent attendance the Techdesk is there to offer support and provide you with the information that you need.

Emergency call out facility

We offer a 24 hour, 365 day call out facility to our customers which is manned by our own engineers and managed by the DMG Delta management. This has the advantage that our emergency engineers know the DMG Delta system and customers, and probably even have in depth knowledge of the site and any peculiarities of the building. If there is a problem where the engineer needs advice or even management approval the On-call Manager has the same depth of knowledge of our customers, buildings and systems, so if necessary can approve additional resources.

Multi-skilled employees

We employ and train our engineers to be as multi-skilled as possible as this results in them being able to resolve most issues on first visit. This culture is also echoed in the office where everyone is encouraged to gain skills outside of their own skill set. This safeguards critical and customer facing functions making DMG Delta a resilient organisation, which you can rely upon for consistent, high quality service.