Keep cool this summer with effective air conditioning maintenance

Keep cool this summer with effective air conditioning maintenance

DMG Delta is able to offer genuine 24/7 air conditioning maintenance contracts to help customers keep cool throughout the summer months and beyond. As the weather becomes warmer, it is essential that employees have comfortable conditions to work in. It is proven from research that employees are more productive and motivated when working in comfortable temperatures and conditions.

Whether you need an air conditioning maintenance service for your existing schedule or even a complete new schedule, we can ensure you have a bespoke solution that’s cost-effective, energy-efficient and meets all industry standards. Our air conditioning maintenance service keeps all types of buildings running smoothly


We keep in regular contact with our clients, updating them on any maintenance and remedial works that are being carried out. All of our clients have access to the new client website where they can view the status of call outs as well as being able to view job sheet and invoices.

Along with regular servicing, DMG Delta provides the client with a 24/7 call out facility as well as ensuring quick response times to any emergencies

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