Keep your boiler systems working through the winter with proper maintenance

Think how inconvenient it is if your boiler breaks down at home. You’re cold, your family is cold and you can’t even warm up with a nice hot bath. Not good.

But even worse is if you’re the one in charge of a large residential or commercial building and there’s trouble in the boiler room there… Hundreds if not thousands of people affected (and complaining). In some cases too the building has to be kept at a consistent temperature for operational reasons, so heating system breakdown can spell disaster.

It’s not all doom and gloom though and full-scale system shut downs are actually pretty rare – provided you stick to a few basic rules. And top of the list is ensuring you have in place a proper system of Planned Preventative Maintenance. And that’s where we here at DMG Delta can help.

Planned preventative maintenance really is the key to seeing off problems before they have a chance to become….well, a problem. It may seem a little crazy in the summer months when everything is running smoothly and shivering is just a distant memory but in fact it’s not only convenient, but practical too.

Regular, carefully planned maintenance can even save you money. After all, well maintained systems are more efficient and so burn less fuel. Our specially trained and fully-qualified engineers also keep an eye on the boiler settings to ensure they’re maximised for its demands and environment.

Here at DMG Delta we carefully tailor our maintenance programmes to the type of boiler you have and the environment it is serving. That way you get the very best service and the very best value for money.

The quick and easy way to ensure the very best planned preventative maintenance is in place for your system is to call us on 01279 810100 or Contact us through our website to arrange a free visit and site assessment.