Legionnaires disease: prevention through effective legionella control

Legionnaires’ disease is back in the news again – and for all the wrong reasons unfortunately. A man in his 50s has died and at least 60 others are being treated after apparently contracting the disease in or around Edinburgh.

Perhaps this latest outbreak should serve as a timely reminder to check your systems for legionella control are in place and up to date. And that’s where – if you’re in or around London – DMG Delta can help….

Right now in Edinburgh the experts are trying to identify the precise source of this latest outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease  – not an easy task when the area they’re focussing on covers a whopping 44 square miles.

What is easier though is ensuring that your water systems aren’t at risk of becoming the source of an outbreak in the future. DMG Delta are experts in water treatment and legionella control so are well placed to advise and help.

Legionnaires’ Disease is a serious pneumonia-like illness that is potentially fatal. The bacteria that cause it are naturally occurring and found in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Here though they’re in low numbers so don’t pose a risk to health. It’s only when they’re given the perfect conditions to multiply that they occur in sufficient numbers to launch an assault on unsuspecting communities. Unfortunately those perfect conditions are associated with man-made water systems.

Your premises may be at risk of exposure to Legionella if you have, for example, a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, hot and cold water systems or any system that stores or re-circulates water. Legionella bacteria can multiply quickly and easily in these systems if they’re not effectively controlled. People then contract Legionnaires’ Disease through breathing in small droplets of water.

If you are in control of a premises which contains systems that could pose a risk you have a duty to understand and control them. Of course this can be daunting, but not if you employ DMG Delta to do it for you. As part of our water treatment services we would (in line with the HSE Guidelines):

  • inspect your systems to identify any sources of risk
  • devise a schedule of testing and treatment to prevent and control
  • accurately record work carried out
  • regularly asses and re-assess our work in the light of changes to regulations etc

It goes without saying that all of our work in Legionalla Control is fully compliant with the HSE L8 Approved Code of Practice and Guidance for dealing with Legionalla bateria in water systems. We adhere carefully to all other relevant regulations and work closely with the HSE to maintain best practice too.

What is going on in Edinburgh is yet another reminder that Legionannaires’ Disease poses a serious risk to health. So don’t delay, call us now on 01279 810100 to talk through your water treatment services and find out how DMG Delta can help.