Nepal charity trek

Here at DMG Delta we applaud those who strive for success and are prepared to go that extra mile for what they believe in. So when we heard that the director of London Residential Management, Mark Williams, would be trekking through the Himalayas in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support it was with great pleasure that we agreed to sponsor him.

Over the course of ten days earlier this month Mark trekked around the north-eastern province of Nepal, gradually climbing to reach the 2880 metre Tara Top summit. Stunning scenery of course, but also extremely tough. Walking uphill for 6-7 hours a day is hard, especially when you consider that oxygen levels in the atmosphere become lower the higher you go and altitude sickness can start to be a problem at that sort of height.

Mark set out to raise £3500 for Macmillan Cancer Support and we’re delighted to have helped him on his way to the target. In fact Mark has already exceeded his expectation and is proud to be able to pass £4,550 to such a worthwhile cause. As Mark said:

“The trek surpassed by expectations and I met a number of people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another.   I am also pleased to say that my foot held up for the majority of the trek (going downhill was the hardest part). “


Mark Williams from LRM

Mark along the way to raising £4550 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

LRM are property management specialists based in the heart of London and have more than sixty years experience of managing residential blocks for a range of corporate clients and portfolio owners. (We’ve been doing planned preventative maintenance for a number of their building since 2009). As their website tells us: “The company’s belief is that effective communication is the key to good property management. LRM’s employees are trained to provide clear management advice and problem solving support to leaseholders.”

LRM are not only involved with a building once it’s occupied though. They also play a role in the planning and construction phase with a view to the end users. It also leaves them ideally positioned and with detailed knowledge to run the site once it is complete.

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