Planned Preventive Maintenance

We specialise in providing first class building services maintenance designed to lighten the load of your responsibilities, on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our bespoke maintenance programmes are specifically tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of your building, whether it requires weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual visits.

We design Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programmes that will enhance the value of your asset, by ensuring it operates efficiently and sustainably for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We operate a Fix It First Time policy when problems are identified during scheduled visits. Our engineers are carefully trained, fully qualified, and well equipped to complete the job, reducing likelihood for repeat visits. In instances where further investigation or additional work is required, our engineers will report their concerns immediately.

With over 30 years of experience in everything from heat networks and boiler plant to water treatment and sanitation, we work hard to ensure the expectations of your residents are met, while actively looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your building.

Heat Networks and Energy Centres

Heat Networks (also known as communal or district heating schemes) are the net zero solution of choice for supplying low carbon heat hot water, and/or cooling efficiently to modern-day apartment blocks.

The benefits of the economies of scale have been identified by national government, and now the use of advanced technology and carefully engineered heat networks is almost standard practice for more densely populated urban environments.

As a result, the Climate Change Committee estimates that heat networks could serve 8 million customers by 2030 and provide 20% of the UK’s heating requirements by 2050.

When maintained and operated correctly, this low-carbon technology has the potential to outperform conventional gas-based heating systems, providing a reliable supply at an affordable cost. However, these benefits are only possible when managing agents avoid the common pitfalls and adopt best practice for their maintenance regimes, which is where we deliver.

From handover onwards, we optimise the performance of your heat network to ensure it benefits from fewer energy losses, reduced carbon emissions and enhanced energy efficiency. These complex systems can only perform to their optimum when operated correctly, which requires competent and qualified staffing to deliver the low carbon benefit.

Seemingly subtle improvements to the heat network solution can deliver significant returns. Here’s how we work alongside key stakeholders to deliver a system that’s reliable, environmentally friendly and cost effective for the long term:

Heat/Cooling Interface Units

The heat network principle works by generating energy in a centralised energy centre and distributing it to individual apartment level Heat Interface Units (HIU’s).

As the name suggests, HIU’s act as an interface between the energy centre and the point of use within a home, providing the end user with a fully controllable heat, cooling and water supply on a 24/7/365 basis, which can be adjusted to suit personal preferences.

In most cases HIU’s cater for metering, which ensures the “Heat Supplier” can comply with the Heat Regulations by billing residents based on their actual consumption.

Whilst the HIU concept is simple, they are integral to the overall operation of heat networks. As would be expected, HIUs have complex servicing and maintenance requirements, which can lead to significant problems if not considered as part of the common maintenance strategy.

We often find issues arise due to poor or limited understanding of where Landlord responsibility ends, and User responsibility commences in relation to these units. This can lead to conflict if the Managing Agent or Landlord do not have an adequate understanding of how these systems are operated and maintained.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of these units, and have trained with leading HIU manufacturers including Altecnic, Bosch, Danfoss, SAV, Inta, YGHP and many more.

Air Conditioning Systems

Every heat network is different. Some only provide heating and hot water, while others are more complex and will have air-conditioning, cold water and in some cases, electricity.

Regardless of what services your heat network provides, it is essential that a comfortable environment can be achieved and maintained for your residents.

Air conditioning helps to ensure air quality and eliminates the need to open windows. This is especially useful within urbanised communities, hospitals, restaurants, technical or computing environments, to preserve a clean, temperature-controlled environment.

Our Refcom registered AC engineers will tailor a maintenance regime that meets all HVCA and Safe Contractor guidelines, encompassing environmental control and ventilation services, refrigeration, and comfort cooling.

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