Points of interest at Olympic Park and Village

environmental-managementWe’re taking a keen interest in the development of the Olympic Park in East London, home to next year’s Games. It’s a ground-breaking project and sees the construction and building maintenance of both the Park and Olympic Village which houses the athletes.

Areas particularly sparking our interest:  

  • The Energy Centre – London 2012 quite rightly has a strong focus on sustainability, and the energy centre will support it’s commitment to using renewable and energy-efficient technology. With 2.5 square kilometres of venues to heat and cool, this is a significant undertaking. 
  • The Velodrome – the heart of the Park, and the first to be completed, will see cyclists competing for gold next year. With 6,000 spectator seats available, it’s essential that the facilities management of this complex run smoothly. 
  • The Pumping Station – as part of the development, a pumping station has been built for plumbing and sanitation facilities to remove waste from the Park and Olympic Village. This is a critical part of the complex and needs to be reliable and maintained.
  • The Primary Substation – this is the ‘backbone’ for the development and provides the gas, water, telecommunications, water and sewage for the whole complex. Without it, the Games simply couldn’t take place.