Prevent problems with electrical systems through scheduled maintenance

Electricity is essential to any business. Just about everything from the machinery and computers to the air conditioning and security lighting is reliant on the building’s electrical systems running smoothly and reliably. There’s a sinister side to electricity too of course. And if not kept carefully checked and maintained it has the potential to be very dangerous indeed.

That’s where scheduled maintenance for your electrical systems comes in. Through regular maintenance and a carefully prepared system of checks you can see off problems before they happen. And preventing problems prevents breakdowns which prevents costly downtime. Bear in mind too that scheduled maintenance is more cost effective than reactive repairs – and that’s without factoring in potential downtime that can occur if systems aren’t looked after properly.

Of course there’s more to it than the green electrical safety tested stickers on computer terminals and desk lamps (PAT testing) that everyone’s aware of. It needn’t be daunting though if your working with DMG Delta. We are experts in electrical services and will work with you to asses what’s needed and then plan a programme for carrying it out.

Central to what we do with your electrical services is safety. Electricity should command the highest respect at all times and of course all of our engineers and electricians are fully qualified and trained to work safely. If you’re in charge of the electrical system for a residential building or a business but don’t know where to start to get things in order that’s not a problem. Simply get in touch (call us on 01279 810100 or Contact Us through the website) and we will guide you through. Or if you’re already a DMG customer (we are also experts in Air Conditioning, Heating and Boiler Plants, Plumbing and Sanitation and Water Treatment and Hygiene so you may know us from our other services) then why not talk to us about looking after your electrical services too.

DMG Delta has many years of experience with all levels of electrical safety systems. We can do everything from those pesky PAT tests (and drawing up a schedule for when each appliance needs to be re-tested of course) to testing and maintaining your full electricity system. It goes without saying too that we are fully up to speed with all the current regulations and would ensure your building was fully compliant.

Just last week the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government was asked how many domestic house fires in England were caused by electrical faults. The answer was a shocking 6665 in the year 2010/2011. Clearly the personal loss for those affected would have been immeasurable. But imagine if they had been businesses – the consequences are too much to think about.

So don’t delay. Ensure you electrical safety systems are in order with proper, scheduled maintenance through DMG Delta.