Reliable plumbing services for residential buildings

Imagine the scenario. The plumbing and sanitation system in a residential block has encountered a problem – and it’s not a pleasant one. The drains are blocked and those living in the flats aren’t happy. They need a plumber quickly, but who are they going to call?

The answer will depend on whether or not they – or their property management company – are clients of DMG Delta. To our clients we not only offer a complete plumbing and sanitation service, but also 24-hour emergency plumbing cover and call outs.

If you’re the one in charge of the plumbing system, hopefully you will have in place a system for ensuring regular, scheduled maintenance – perhaps through one of our Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts. If so you can retire at night knowing the risk of problems is already much lower than it could have been (and therefore your chances of receiving an unwelcome call in the early hours reduced….)

Another benefit of using DMG Delta is that our engineers employ a “fix-it-first-time” approach. So not only will you have someone on site within hours of making the call, you can be confident that not long after that the system will be up and running again. No time wasted and no fuss.

As you can see, specialist plumbing and sanitation services are a large part of what we do at DMG Delta. As well as dealing with Health and Safety concerns, our team of fully qualified commercial plumbers will ensure the drains keep running and the toilets keep flushing.

Decent plumbing and sanitation services are something tenants take for granted – and rightly so in our opinion. They’re something they use on a daily basis but shouldn’t have the need to think about. Unless things go wrong of course in which case they’ll be thinking about them lots – and calling the likes of you almost as much. So let DMG Delta take the strain. Call us on 01279 810100 or Contact Us through the website for more information.