Shared boiler systems - using planned maintenance to prevent long-term problems

Shared boiler systems take many forms. They can be anything from a small boiler room servicing a handful of flats to huge boiler plants that run the heating and hot water systems for whole buildings. Here at DMG Delta we are experienced at working with them all.

One thing we’ve noticed is that sometimes when the boiler serves several flats for example no one person is willing to take complete responsibility, resulting in neglect and long-term problems. We can help though…by working out what needs doing and producing a schedule of work and then doing the work for you should you wish.

In larger buildings such as schools, hospitals and office blocks there is usually a specific team or facilities management company such as ours employed to look after the various systems (we also specialise in Air Conditioning Maintenance, Electrical services, Water Treatment and Hygiene and Plumbing and Sanitation). And when we’re involved one of the most important things we do is implement a schedule of planned preventative maintenance to prevent debilitating long-term problems.

Serious problems with shared boiler systems can develop undetected over a number of years. The symptoms can easily go unnoticed until catastrophic failure occurs. And by that time – in extreme circumstances – the damage can be so bad that repairs are costly and time consuming, resulting in lots of undesirable downtime.

Our fully-qualified engineers will look out for the early signs of problems – perhaps a slight drop of pressure, a tiny leak or different noise – and act quickly to prevent disaster striking. They’re also highly experienced so in many instances able to predict what’s likely to occur before it does.

For our contracted customers we carry out regular inspections as well as preventative maintenance specially tailored to the specific systems we’re looking after as we are firm believers in the mantra that prevention is better than cure.

To find out how your shared boiler system – large or small – could benefit from the DMG Delta treatment call us on 01279 810100 or Contact us through the website.