Spring maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are something we think about most in summer, for obvious reasons. But in fact Spring is the perfect time to kick-start your air conditioning maintenance programme and ensure everything is working well and efficiently. Once the days really start to warm up, it’s often too late and problems which could have been avoided through planned preventative maintenance can quickly spiral out of control.

Air conditioning maintenance is vital and needs to be done properly by people like us, who really know what they’re doing. A proper maintenance and inspection schedule saves money by ensuring the system is performing efficiently. It also keeps everything safe and healthy, prevents breakdowns and – perhaps most importantly of all – ensures your air-conditioning system complies with the law. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that failure to abide by the regulations could land you with a lot more than just a hot office.

The regulations that apply to air conditioning are complex and very specific to different types of buildings and systems – so here isn’t the place to go into detail. For DMG Delta clients though compliance isn’t a problem as we do all the work. We take the heat off you by putting in place a maintenance and inspection schedule to ensure your system is not only legal, but running to its maximum efficiency. Air conditioning is one of our specialist services (the others include heating and boiler plant maintenance, plumbing and sanitation services, and water treatment and hygiene) so you can be confident you’re in safe hands.

Spring maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems

We have our own team of expert engineers to ensure consistently high standards.

There’s more than you might think to maintaining efficient, safe and legal air conditioning systems. At DMG Delta we’ve spent years refining our knowledge and expertise so we can calmly and expertly look after yours. Planned preventative maintenance is key, but we also have a 24 hour call out system to deal with the unforeseen – which our clients love. It goes without saying that all DMG Delta engineers are fully qualified, accredited and expertly trained.

It’s never too late to put in place a maintenance schedule for your air conditioning system. For more detailed information and advice call DMG Delta on 01279 810100, or Contact Us through the website.