Air conditioning systems in London - get the best from yours with planned maintenance

Air conditioning systems are something we’ve come to take for granted. We expect the offices we work in and shops and hospitals and public buildings we visit to be at a comfortable temperature and are somewhat surprised when they’re stifling in summer or freezing in winter. For a constant temperature to be maintained though the air conditioning systems have to be in good working order – and the best way to achieve that is through a carefully prepared schedule of planned preventative maintenance.


Air conditioning systems - can they ever be environmentally friendly?

The idea of environmentally friendly air conditioning systems may seem a little at odds with what we’ve come to believe. But while it probably is true that it would be better for the environment if air conditioning didn’t exist (although think of the effects on the health of office workers in central London on hot summer days…) there are certainly ways to ensure yours is running in the most eco-friendly, green way possible.

Regular air conditioning maintenance is the single most important thing when it comes to making sure your air conditioning systems are running efficiently and therefore in the most environmentally friendly way they can. At DMG Delta we specialise in tailored maintenance contracts for air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems (as well as Boiler plant maintenance, Plumbing and Sanitation, Water Treatment and Hygiene and Electrical services).