Water treatment systems - emergency repairs and service in London

Water treatment systems are vital to our health and wellbeing. Every large building, be it offices, a hospital, a school or a block of flats, will have one. And if you’re involved with the running of such a system you’ll know the importance of having in place measures for emergency repairs – and if you’re the lucky one it will be with DMG Delta


Water treatment services; what to expect from your contract

As the person responsible for overseeing and controlling water treatment services and water quality for a large establishment you’ll understand the importance of doing or having things done properly. After all safe drinking water isn’t really optional is it? (more…)

Ensure your water treatment system is legal and safe through effective monitoring

Water is essential for life  – or perhaps I should say clean water is essential for a healthy life. Therefore if you’re in charge of any form of water treatment system you will want to know that it’s safe and legal all the time. There are numerous examples of where the testing and monitoring systems that should have been in place to ensure this have gone wrong, with consequences too awful to think about. That’s the doom and gloom scenario though and with an effective monitoring schedule through DMG Delta, not something you will have to worry about.