Trade bodies and regulators in the electrical services industry

Maintaining buildings and their associated electrical, air conditioning and heating systems inevitably involves compliance of one sort or another. There are rules and regulations set out by the government and codes of practice drawn up by trade bodies. But just what is what and who is who?

Over the next few months we’ll be looking in more detail at the different trade bodies that guide and regulate different sectors of the Building Services industry (why not sign up for our email?). Our first focus though is Electrical Services. (more…)

Electrical services - NICEIC Jobs for the Girls scheme gets our vote

NICEIC Jobs for the Girls scheme We know a good initiative when we see one. That’s why the NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls scheme gets our thumbs up.

The NICEIC is the UK electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body, and all of DMG Delta’s engineers are NICEIC accredited. Jobs for the Girls encourages more women into the electrical trade, due to popular demand for female electricians.

According to a recent NICEIC survey which highlighted the demand for more woman electricians to be available, 50{5ed8de397284fff0890b09705fecba98ee6912fd827c1533831814a9e337cd61} of females asked said they would feel more comfortable if faced with a female contractor.  And more than 26{5ed8de397284fff0890b09705fecba98ee6912fd827c1533831814a9e337cd61} said it would make a refreshing change to see a woman in charge of the tools.