DMG Delta's 'Children's Ward Advent Hamper'!

DMG Delta's 'Children's Ward Advent Hamper'!With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, for many of you the words ‘Secret Santa’ will have already been mentioned.

DMG Delta have decided to do something a little different this year instead of the “normal” office Secret Santa…. we are going to do our first ‘Children’s Ward Advent Hamper’!!!

From the 1st – 23rd December every day at least one member of our team will be bringing in a gift i.e. teddy bear, game, puzzle etc with the hope that throughout December our Advent Hamper will become full of lots of fabulous gifts for all of the children that are going to be spending their Christmas in hospital.

On Friday 23rd December a few staff members will be visiting Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Children Ward to gift them the hamper of goodies, ready for all of the children to open on Christmas morning.

We are hoping that this year will be the first of many ‘Advent Hamper’s’.

If you would like to contribute to our hamper then please send any gifts to our Head Office at Sion Park, adding ‘Children’s Ward Advent Hamper’ on the packaging.

We will make sure to update our social media sites with photo’s of the hamper being delivered.


Are you using a competent Gas Safe company?

Gas is fundamentally unsafe yet used all over the UK in both domestic and commercial premises, but over the past 26 years the Regulations, Registers and best practices have improved, reducing the number of gas related incidents and more particularly the number of fatalities has fallen dramatically.

gas safeIn an effort to make gas safe the Gas Safe Register was created, it is not a voluntary register – all gas engineers have to be registered! CHECK the register for your Gas Engineer – it could be a life you save! and click on the yellow text to check either a Business or an Engineer.

All of DMG Delta’s Gas engineers are Gas Safe registered, in various skill bases to ensure we have the skills to match our Client’s expectations and needs.  As a company we are registered with Gas Safe (registered number is 23956), which means that our management system is annually audited by Gas Safe.  We have passed this year with no non-conformities or recommendations identified, although we have made improvements to the system as part of our continuous improvement programme.

Using a Gas Safe registered contractor for your gas appliances and plant rooms not only ensures that you are compliant with the regulations, but also that the work undertaken will be completed by a very competent person who has undergone formal training in specific skill sets, leaving your premises safe and your equipment functioning longer due to excellent maintenance.

With over 30 years’ experience as heating engineers in both the domestic and commercial environment, DMG Delta Ltd is a company that really beats your expectations when it comes to plant room and domestic servicing, as well as installation work in the London area.  We work actively with you to make sure that your gas installations are and remain compliant and safe.

Keeping residents warm this winter


With colder weather setting in and the chance of freezing temperatures this winter, one thing every Managing Agent needs to get right is heating. The demand on boiler plant and district heating rises as outside temperatures drop. Small faults can become big problems and older plant can struggle to cope. Yet residents in apartment blocks need reliable heating and hot water. So how can expectations be achieved?

The most important step is to put in place a regular maintenance schedule, tailored to the building. This planned maintenance helps prevent problems arising and prolong the life of assets such as boiler plant. By identifying and resolving issues before they happen, fewer call-outs are required which in turn cuts down costs, reducing residents’ bills.

Much of the older blocks have their original distribution systems. These are infrastructure items that need careful monitoring but are often forgotten.

Companies like DMG Delta, which specialise in block maintenance, work 24/7 to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to winter heating. When problems are identified the company’s engineers are fully qualified and equipped to fix them first time in the majority of cases. This saves Managing Agents the time, hassle and cost of second and third visits.

As well as ensuring effective heating, buildings must comply with increasingly complex regulations. It’s critical that sites are serviced by fully compliant gas engineers, authorised to complete the necessary checks and issue the all important paperwork that shows that Managing Agents have met their legal obligations. With this kind of back-up, you have the reassurance that your engineers will know the latest rules, no matter how often they change. Engineers at DMG Delta are qualified to provide this service. Employees, quality and health & safety are fundamental so that the service residents and Managing Agents experience is what they’d expect and more.

Whilst technical excellence is a vital aspect of a high-performing maintenance service, of equal importance is the provision of a friendly help desk. Does your help desk really know you and your building and provide a maintenance service that exactly matches your needs?

Even with the best preventative work, problems can arise with heating and boiler plant. We advocate that 24 hour emergency support is a feature of all maintenance contracts. For our clients, an engineer is generally on site within a 2-hour time frame. This is a rapid response because when it comes to heating, we believe Managing Agents and their residents shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer. But not every maintenance company can react as quickly. So check your maintenance company’s approach and key performance indicators to see if they can get close to matching up.

Team DMG 'Race for Life'

race for life

On Sunday 18th May hundreds of women, and children dressed in pink turned up at Harlow Town Park in the beautiful sunshine to take part in the ‘Race for Life’. Among them were 5 of our very own DMG ladies.

At 11.00 once the warm-up had finished the 10k race began, with the 5k starting shortly after at 11.30.

The atmosphere on the way round was incredible, with volunteers and spectators dotted around the course giving the runners/walkers plenty of support to help them on their journey.

All members of our team completed the race and were back at the Finish line within 2 hours. A fantastic achievement, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year!!

To date ‘Team DMG’ have raised a magnificent £235.00 for Cancer Research, with donations still trickling in. If you would like to sponsor our team then it’s not too late, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Zoe, Leah, Vicky, Julie and Kim who all took part in this memorable event. We hope to see them taking part again next year (maybe with a few additions to the team) and raising more money for a wonderful charity.

DMG Delta believes in sensible Health and Safety

DMG Delta firmly believes in sensible Health and Safety which is practical, efficient and most importantly protects everyone who comes into our working areas. Whether they are employees or members of the public.

All too often Health and Safety bends over backwards to tie the work into knots and everyone wonders if the world has gone mad. DMG Delta’s risk assessment process has now moved forward to ensure that all risks are correctly controlled without the knots.

H&S Clipart

All sites are reviewed by the Business Development team with advice where necessary from our SHEQ Manager before a contract is signed off. This allows for suitable risk assessments (RA) to be in place before work commences.

As much as each site is different, the basic nature of a plant room and its equipment remain the same, and the risks associated with this are covered using Generic RA’s. These are carried by all of our Engineers in their Engineers Manual, along with a separate easy guide pictorial A5 card providing the same information. Where a site has specific risks that are not covered by the set of generic RA’s, a site specific RA is raised and distributed for the Log Book within the plant room. This ensures that the Engineers have easy access to the information as and when required.

HazardsEach Engineer then takes responsibility for the final part of this process. When the Engineer first enters the site, he confirms that the risks and its equipment are suitably covered by the existing RA’s. Where there are additional risks that are not properly controlled then he raises a Dynamic RA, with any additional controls that can be put in place. Where this is not possible the Engineer contacts our Technical Support Team, and our SHEQ Manager for further advice.

Although there are a fair few stages to this process, it is simple, easy to implement and gives the Engineer the final responsibility to ensure the site is safe, and to assist in making it safe!

If you would like a copy of the procedure and appropriate risk assessments for your property please call Jane on 01279 810125 or email with your full details, including properties. We can then provide you with a soft copy for your records.