Trade bodies and regulators in the electrical services industry

Maintaining buildings and their associated electrical, air conditioning and heating systems inevitably involves compliance of one sort or another. There are rules and regulations set out by the government and codes of practice drawn up by trade bodies. But just what is what and who is who?

Over the next few months we’ll be looking in more detail at the different trade bodies that guide and regulate different sectors of the Building Services industry (why not sign up for our email?). Our first focus though is Electrical Services.

Electrical services is one of DMG Delta’s core services (along with Air Conditioning maintenance, Heating and Boiler Plant maintenance, Plumbing and Sanitation and Water Treatment and Hygiene).  Our clients employ us to look after and test all the different types of electrical systems in commercial buildings, offices and schools. We do everything from maintaining complex wiring systems to avoid down time to checking emergency lighting and PAT testing desktop equipment.

For the clients trade bodies set a standard and give a little extra peace of mind. For us they’re great too. Maintaining standards is a good thing – it only takes a few bad electricians or engineers to give an industry a bad name.

All of our electrical engineers are fully qualified of course and registered with the NICEIC. The NICEIC regularly assess engineers so you can be sure their work is of a high standard. It goes further than that too though as documentation, equipment and supervisory staff are also checked. Registration is voluntary but you would be unwise to work with an electrician who hasn’t chosen to join up.

And then come the IEE (IET) Codes of Practice. They’re there to safeguard standards and ensure best practice. Of course all of DMG Delta’s engineers work within them.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also plays a role in regulating of course. It has Codes of Practice and standards for a myriad of different electrical tasks and it’s our job to keep on top of them.  Have a look at just a few here to see the level of detail that’s gone into to keep you and your business safe.

Trade bodies are important to us. The “rogue trader” isn’t a thing of the past completely but certainly something we hear less about these days – and in many ways that’s thanks to the efforts of the organisations guiding and overseeing what we do.

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