Water treatment services; what to expect from your contract

As the person responsible for overseeing and controlling water treatment services and water quality for a large establishment you’ll understand the importance of doing or having things done properly. After all safe drinking water isn’t really optional is it?

One of the best ways to ensure everything runs smoothly is to employ a specialist company such as DMG Delta to take care of your water treatment and hygiene. Clearly this makes sense because it will ensure experienced professionals do things properly. Don’t forget though that it can also be financially beneficial too. A well-run system is more likely to be stable and so require less (possibly expensive) reactive work and maintenance.

So once you’ve decided to contract out water treatment for your school, hospital, restaurant, office block, residential block etc what should you expect? At DMG Delta we place a great deal of importance on not only carrying out the work to a high standard but getting to know our clients and their needs in great detail.

The first thing to happen would be a detailed discussion and site visit to determine exactly what you would need us to do for you. We would look at the systems you have and what is already being done before drawing up a schedule of work. Something else we would factor in is all the necessary testing to make sure your system is not only safe but legal too. (All of our work complies with the relevant guidelines, legal requirements and codes of conduct.)

Examples of the work we might carry out for you would be legionella risk assessment and control, drinking water quality and and full-system disinfection and descaling services. Obviously these are only a small part of what we do – for more details about how we can help you please don’t hesitate to call us to talk it though on 01279 810100.

Once your contract is in place we will then efficiently carry out the agreed works discussing with you periodically how things are going. And if you have any concerns we’re always here to listen of course. Our pricing is always fair and transparent too so you should end up with any nasty surprises on that score either.