Water treatment systems - emergency repairs and service in London

Water treatment systems are vital to our health and wellbeing. Every large building, be it offices, a hospital, a school or a block of flats, will have one. And if you’re involved with the running of such a system you’ll know the importance of having in place measures for emergency repairs – and if you’re the lucky one it will be with DMG Delta

If a lighbulb blows the fix is simple. Change the bulb and everything will be back to normal again instantly. With water treatment systems it’s a little different. Once the problems have been fixed everything has to be carefully tested, dosed with chemicals and re-tested to ensure that the water coming out of the taps is safe. And that’s where we come in. Our experienced and highly-qualified engineers will not only carry out your emergency repairs but get everything back up and running safely too.

Having said all that, while we do offer our contracted customers emergency repairs for water treatment systems we think there’s a better way. Here at DMG we prefer to avoid the need for emergency callouts with carefully prepared schedules of planned preventative maintenance. ¬†This way most potential disasters are spotted before they can happen.

Looking after water treatment systems is one of the main things we do (alongside Air Conditioning Maintenance, Plumbing and Sanitation, Heating and Boiler plant Maintenance and Electrical Services). And when it comes to drawing up a contract, we can do whatever you wish us to. For example if you already have a maintenance schedule you’re happy with, we can work to it. Or we can inspect your system and draw up a new schedule for you (and then implement it too if required).

The first step towards having high quality maintenance for your water treatment systems is calling (01279 810100 is the number) or Contacting us here at DMG Delta. So call us today to get your company’s water treatment services the attention they deserve.