Replacement HV Transformer, HV & LV Switchgear

The International Institute of Strategic Studies



The obsolete equipment was not supported by the original manufacturers. There were no parts available for the existing plant. The old HV transformer was showing severe signs of failure following multiple oil tests.
There was a high chance that excess rain fall could have ingressed into the LV switch room with catastrophic consequences.

Impact: Loss of worldwide business.

Solution: Supply and install HV transformer, HV & LV switchgear works.

Benefit: The risk of break-downs has been minimised.


“Following the installation of the new HV & LV switchgear over the weekend, I would just like to thank Malcolm for his guidance and assistance during the planning stages of this project.

It was imperative that there were no delays in getting the building powered back up by Sunday evening. Although there were a few issues to start with, the team of workmen worked exceptionally hard to ensure things got back on track as soon as possible.

I would like to say a special thanks to Lee and Peter who worked about the clock to ensure everything ran smoothly. You have two real assets to the company there. Thanks again for all your help.”

David Burns, Building Services Manager, IISS