Water Treatment

The relevance of water treatment is rarely fully understood. All modern systems require carefully structured regimes to maintain the quality of the building water systems. These may be for human consumption, or for the distribution of thermal energy.

No job is too big or too small. Whether ensuring drinking water is safe or implementing the HSC approved code of practice L8 document to control Legionella, our engineers provide professional services covering all aspects of risk control and water quality.

Potable Water

Thanks to good regulation and enforcement, the UK benefits from drinkable tap water. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe water supply and work with clients to ensure their buildings are compliant with regulations and guidelines.

Services include:

Legionella risk assessments

Water hygiene services

System disinfection

Chemical treatment programmes

Tanks and storage vessel distribution systems

Cleaning and sanitation

Descaling services

microbiological analysis and monitoring schedules

Heat Networks

Heat networks are dependent on effective water circulation, from the basement energy centre to the apartments where it is used by residents. If untreated, water quality will degrade over time, resulting in solids being deposited around the system and potentially blocking essential waterways.

It’s essential to implement a sound regime that maintains the standard of water to protect system components, typically from blockage. The introduction of chemicals (inhibitors) is therefore required and should only be conducted by a competent water treatment engineer, who will test water quality before introducing new chemicals.

Plumbing and Sanitation

Reliable plumbing is an essential part of any well-run building. From the practicalities of keeping occupants happy, to dealing with health and safety concerns, our commercial plumbers will ensure your drains are running, toilets flushing, and pipes unblocked.

We offer scheduled plumbing services for buildings of all shapes and sizes, covering pipework repairs, cold water storage tanks, boosted pump systems, drainage, and 24/7 emergency response service.