Emergency Call-Out

Parkgate Aspen, Greater London



DMG Delta received a callout from Kathryn at Parkgate Aspen on Thursday 15th October 2015 at 12.45pm. The call was to report a leak which was audible from the riser cupboard. Kirsty and Elspeth, Service Coordinators raised a job and tasked engineer Dave Fulford.

The engineer arrived on site at 2.13pm. He made an assessment on arrival and phoned through to the office. Due to the extent of works and decisions to be made our supervisor Mick was then tasked to attend and assist with the survey

Our Impact

Our supervisor arrived on site at 3.30pm and investigated the situation, given the obvious water ingress into the lift shaft the decision was made to isolate the mains water supply to the building to prevent damage to the property.

First thing Friday morning (8.00am) we had 2 engineers (Dave Fulford and Carlton Bygrave) on site to carry out trace and access work.

We requested the managing agents to provide builders to excavate trenches to enable access to the mains water pipe, unfortunately this was not achievable. Therefore at 12.15pm DMG were asked to provide this resource if possible. Contractors were arranged by DMG to attend site and investigate the trench digging requirements. At 3.00pm the contractors stated that a specific machine was required which wouldn’t be available until Saturday. Our engineers however stayed on site and carried out trace and access works in other areas. They also took delivery of potable water storage tanks that had been arranged by DMG office to ensure the residents continued to have a water supply during works.

Saturday morning (8.00am) the 2 x DMG engineers were back on site along with the building contractors to continue with the works.  A trench was dug and the mains water pipe accessed.

DMG had a supervisor arrive on site for 9.00am to assess the current situation and progress.

At 10.00pm Saturday night the works were completed and a temporary mains water supply was in operation. The cold water storage tanks were off hired first thing Monday morning to minimise costs.

The pipe that failed resulted in the loss of the critical water service to all flats in the building. DMG Delta’s expeditions and action provided a temporary supply on the same day minimising the inconvenience to the residents on Friday evening and providing a cost effective temporary solution.


“Throughout this major issue at Lodge Close, DMG reacted promptly and attended to the problems relevant to the mains failure in a thoroughly professional manner.

They met with clients and insurers at site, explained the issues and remedies and ensured that disruption to residents was kept to a minimum.”

Phillip Cove – Parkgate Aspen